Did someone say Adventure? We have created a list that is just for you!

Corbett has something for everyone with a vast variety of choices for all ages. You may go on a forest safari, go river rafting, or visit the Girija temple and the Corbett Museum. We have crafted a range of adventure activities to do in Jim Corbett that accommodate all of our guests’ budgets.

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Book Safari Zones in Jim Corbett

Jungle Safari

Jungle safaris offers jeep rides across the terrain for bird watching, gazing at dense forest, witnessing wildlife, notably tigers, deer, and elephants. The famous Garjiya gate is only 3 km, Dhikala gate is 5 km, and Bijrani gate is just 8 km far from Wood Castle Spa & Resort. While on the jeep safari, take in the lush green forest vistas split by streams, rivers, and a few waterfalls.

Book Corbett Waterfall in Jim Corbett

Corbett Waterfall

Corbett Falls, a beautiful water fall 36 kilometres from our property, is one of the famous waterfalls. The waterfall is nestled among the dense forest and drops into an isolated lake area. It is a popular picnic location for tourists visiting Corbett National Park. Travelers may enjoy swimming or often camping while rejuvenating all of their senses.

Book River Rafting in Jim Corbett

River Rafting

River rafting at Jim Corbett is one of the most scenic ways to relish the Kosi River, which streams behind the Wood Castle Resort. It is a seasonal water sport in Corbett, particularly during the monsoon season and the best time is from July to November first week. It is a must-do experience that entails often tackling the rock-studded rapids.

Garjiya Devi Temple in Jim Corbett

Garjiya Temple

Garjiya Devi Temple is nestled in Jim Corbett’s Forest, around 4 kilometres from Wood Castle Resort. It is a sacred Shakti shrine that sits on a gigantic rock with 72 steep stepds amid the Kosi River, with Garjiya Devi as the presiding deity, alongside Baba Bhairon, Lord Shiva, Lord Ganesha, and Goddess Saraswati. You will experience a beautiful calming energy around the shrine.

Book Corbett Museum in Jim Corbett

Corbett Museum

One of the most fascinating elements of the dense Corbett Reserve, which is 10 km from Wood Castle Spa & Resort, is the Corbett Museum. This peculiar museum is a must-see for historians and wildlife enthusiasts. A visit to Corbett Museum is more meaningful as one can learn about wildlife while admiring the wide and majestic surroundings of the Corbett Reserve, which truly is Jim Corbett's historic residence.

Book Hot Air Balloon Riding Adventure in Jim Corbett

Hot Air Ballooning

Jim Corbett's stunning and exhilarating Hot Air Balloon Riding Experience awaits you. A panoramic view of the Kosi River and Jim Corbett's lush green forests can be seen from far above the earth. But, since the rides are subject on wind conditions, make sure to double-check before scheduling.

Devbhoomi Outdoor Adventure Park

Adventure Park

The 'Devbhoomi Outdoor Adventure' tucked away in Dhikuli, Ramnagar, about 2 kilometres from Wood Castle Spa & Resort. With its diverse adventure activities for individuals and groups, this adventure park has everything to keep you delighted. There are several possibilities ranging from Wall Climbing, ZipLine, Water Roller, Pressure Rocket, and ZigZag bridge.

Book Trekking in Jim Corbett


With a river on one side and a sky-high mountain on the other, trekking in Jim Corbett is an exceptional experience. Strolling through the picturesque foothills and Himalayan Mountains with an amazing scenery of wildlife and the lush green forests, is an incredible experience. It takes place in multiple locations, so if you are experiencing trouble choosing a suitable spot, feel free to contact us.

Book Nature Walks in Jim Corbett

Nature Walk

Nature walks in Corbett are without a doubt the best in Jim Corbett, allowing you to appreciate the flora's richness. There are several paths to choose from, some of which take you along the bed of the Kosi River, while others lead you into the deep green forests. Though nothing is ever predictable when it comes to wildlife, but people frequently have some amazing experiences and sights on these excursions.