Castle Spa

It’s your time to RELAX

As our lives are so hectic, we don't always have time to relish the most precious things in life. At Castle Spa, we offer a relaxing aura that uncovers you to all of the beautiful things that you often overlook frequently.

The Castle Spa, offer four luxurious therapy rooms for massage, body scrubs, body massage, facials and different therapies. All the amenities are provided, including disposable underclothing and slippers, to name a few. The Castle Spa strive to offer authentic skills that will enable you in embracing healthy techniques into your daily life and bringing higher harmony, peace, and healing by drawing on ancient wisdom and divine knowledge.

We highly suggest that our guests visit our spas as swiftly as possible, as they are exceptionally clean, and well-kept and are staffed by qualified Spa specialists who know just how to relax your sore muscles and put you in a positive spirit.

We are ready to pamper and rejuvenate your soul simply by enclosing you in a tranquil zone surrounded by lilac, vanilla, or lemongrass aromas, with a splendidly soothing and lavish ambience, exquisite blends of natural ingredients, and the healing power you seek.

Open daily | 8 AM - 8 PM
Last treatment starts at 7:00 pm

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